You can make a difference!


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My dad had great plans for me when I was growing up. He always told me he wanted me to go to university and become an important business person who would be involved in multi-million dollar deals and have a big impact on society.

So you can imagine the disappointment on his face when I told him I wanted to become a priest!

And even though I have only pastored a small church and have never preached in front of more than 200 people, I know that God can take the little I have and multiply it MASSIVELY. So when I watched this video , I realized one Bible can make a big difference in one person’s life. And that one person can make a big difference in one village, and one village … You know the story.

That’s why I am so excited to be part of the Shameless Bible Reader campaign. Where $10 can change one person’s life in a dramatic way.  Will you donate $10 so one person in China can get a Bible?

You never know the difference your gift can make, but you can be sure that God will take your $10 and change someone’s life. And just like my dad thought I could make a difference, but what he didn’t realize was that with God, I could make a HUGE difference.

Will you be a difference-maker today?