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Often, when I talk to people about the Bible, they tell me that the first thing they think of is that it is a book of rules. Some other say it is an ‘owners manual’ with instructions about how to live life.

Well I disagree!

But it doesn’t really matter what I think because if that is the view that people have then something needs to be done to show them that it is so much more than a rule book. And I aim to do just that!

Will you join me? Will you unashamedly show the world that the Bible is a beautiful story of God’s love for you and me?

When you think of it, the Bible tells the story of the kind of relationship God wants to have with us. And it tells the story through the lives and experiences of people who lived many thousands of years ago. Lives and experiences that are not very different to ours today

So as I start writing the book ‘Discovering the keys to a dynamic and personal relationship with God’ can I ask you to help me please?

Can you tell me what you think the most important things that make a good relationship are? Is it time spent together, is it having a common vision? What do you think?

Tell me and I’ll include it in the book that will be ready at the end of November. That’s just 29 days away, and you may just see your name and your idea published in the book.