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The Occupy Wall Street movement is front page news all over the world. I wish I had been at the forefront of the battle to highlight the corruption and the greed we are surrounded by today. Instead this fight was taken up by people from all walks of life, and once again Christians like me are being forced to play catch-up

Let me tell you about my friend Matjaz. I met him this summer when I was travelling through Slovenia. He is a really cool dude – down to earth but super, super intelligent. And he loves the Bible.

So what did Matjaz do when the Occupy Wall Street movement came to his town? He decided he would show people that the Bible was relevant today and spoke of the very things the protestors were highlighting. Read his story and be inspired https://www.facebook.com/notes/shameless-bible-reader/bible-society-engages-with-occupy-slovenia-protesters/182066061876996

How many people do you know that think the Bible is not relevant to today and does not have anything meaningful to say about life, and love, and justice and all those other subjects we care deeply about? Let’s put the Bible’s message back in its rightful place – right at the centre of society, right in the middle of our culture.

What are you doing today to make the Bible alive and relevant?