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Yesterday was a bad day.

The plane taking me to Florida was overbooked so I got bumped off and sat around the airport for 6 hours. Then when I got to my hotel, my agent hadn’t booked me a room. And then there was an accident in the waiting lounge I don’t even want to mention!

I sometimes wonder why God let’s one of His children have bad days like this. Isn’t He supposed to be our dad and isn’t He supposed to look after us and make things smooth for us?

The Bible has taught me that God can do anything He wants. That’s why He is God! But years of reading His Word has also taught me that God is not a puppet who reacts to my whims and my childish desires – especially when all I want is a simple, trouble-free and successful life.

God is more interested in building my character than in answering my prayers. Someday’ s it is tough to grasp that lesson. Some days are frustrating, irritating and just plain crazy.

Yesterday was one of those days for me.

But it is days like yesterday when I remember my friend Neil telling me: “Get to know God and get to know His character by reading your Bible every day and you’ll see, life will begin to make more and more sense.”

What have you learned through reading the Bible this week?