So many people have had incredible influence in my life. My dad taught me the value and power of integrity. My English teacher, James McNeil, showed me how easy it is easy to destroy people by belittling and teasing them. And Neil Gibbs, the first pastor who took an interest in my spiritual walk, taught me the value of reading my Bible every day.

It was tough waking up an hour earlier than all my friends every morning (including weekends) to spend an hour in meditation. And for quite a while I saw very little fruit for all that endeavour and sacrifice. But after a few months it started to pay off.

I soon knew more about the Bible than my friends. I suddenly had much more self-confidence as I realised God loved me in spite of my failings, my weaknesses and my sins. I also began to make better and better decisions.

I have no doubt that without Neil’s encouragement and example I would not be the same person today. Reading the Bible has changed my life deeply.

Has anyone changed the course of your life? Tell me your story, and I’ll try include it in the book I am writing this month.