About the Author

So why would you read a book from Giorgio?

How many sermons have you heard in your lifetime? And how many have changed your life? So many sermons, so little change!

Giorgio GoriBut I aim to change that by doing a few things well:

  • Giving God the glory
  • Writing only what God gives me
  • Making it easy to understand and totally practical
  • Opening myself up to you by telling you stories of my life and my relationship with God

You see, I have been greatly blessed to have lived on 4 continents and travelled to over 30 countries. I have been in ministry since I was 14 (they had just invented the wheel back then!) My theology has been tested in the streets and not in the seminary. The fruit of my labour is evidenced in changed lives and saved souls – everything else is vapour.

God has loved me and carried me in spite of years of disobedience and a lack of faith. He has miraculously healed my wife and allowed her to leap out of a wheelchair. There is more, so much more

And I love the Bible! As a young convert, I was suckled on daily Bible readings and communal Bible studies. I take my Bible with me everywhere and I hear God speak to me through the words and pages of the Bible – I am truly blessed.

I’ll be honest and true and I’ll write from the heart and from the Bible. This world doesn’t need more opinions, ideas or wiki’s, it needs to hear God’s voice clearly. I am trusting that with your prayers, I’ll be able to deliver a book that will answer your questions and show you God in all His glory and splendour.

While writing the book on the topic, “‘Discovering the keys to a dynamic and personal relationship with God”, to be accomplished by November 31, I have also taken on the challenge of personally raising $2000. Your gift will help share God’s Word to people in China, Congo, Ghana, Peru and Philippines. Please help me reach my goal by making a gift today.



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